6 global players create real challenges. Take the chance to create something big with a real market value and the power to found a real startup. Choose your challenge now.


Circular Economy

The market for used household appliances is huge. Especially high-class appliances
from Miele are very popular on the second-hand market. Your challenge is to support sellers, buyers and service providers of used premium products in order to win new customer groups and enhance the value of the MIELE brand.

From the field to the manufacturer

Until bread and flour gets delivered to the supermarkets, many more steps are necessary with the farmer at the very beginning of the retail chain. Your challenge is to use our data to create an innovative and unprecedented added value for the farmer and the entire retail chain.

Machine Mentalist

Modern manufacturing machinery consists of more than 10.000 components. Every component has a predetermined (and mostly known) lifetime. If parts are not replaced in time, unplanned breakdowns are almost certain. Your challenge is to find a way to reduce such unplanned breakdowns and make the maintenance cycles more efficient.

Pool of Experts

Expert Knowledge as a service: Enable local businesses to access a worldwide expert network to get remote support and build a business model on it.

Boost efficiency in logistics

When our goods are delivered to our customer, the trucks are loaded less than 70% on average. The reason for this is that the field service, order processing, production and route planning are not coordinated. Your challenge is to connect the entire process chain in a digital way and thus increase the utilization of the trucks. Just for Carolinen this means potential savings of more than half million euros.

1-click spare parts

Optimize service process for spare parts in the industrial equipment industry: Today, the process of ordering a spare part especially for machinery with a long lifetime is a costly and mostly analog process. Your challenge is to create a simple way to link manufacturer and industrial user of the equipment to order the correct spare part „in one click“.


Pay per Use

Build an IoT based business model for the laundry care of a changing society in times of shareconomy.

Machine Scan

Identify & track spare- & wear parts in a machine and build a tablet tool to check them easily via WIFI.

Fashion Revolution

Disrupt the way shoes are designed, produced and sold by thinking about the power of the crowd.

Machine Data

Find a smart way to use data of agricultural engines and their environment for more efficiency in farming.

Real-time Pricing

Take the concept from airlines and hotels to service industry and fill gaps of utilized capacity to increase revenue seamlessly.

Global Player Crowd-platform

Enable organizations with a self learning crowdfunding platform to get feedback and develop employees´ ideas.