Take a look to the whole Hinterland Family who will be part of this years Conference. Thanks for your support!

Hinterland Premium Supporters

Our Hinterland Supporters represent what Hinterland of Things is all about: Bringing established economy and young entrepreneurs together to drive innovation and merge the best of both worlds.

Hinterland Alliance Partner

Hidden Champions? Check. Global market leaders? Check. International brands? Check. In the capital of the German Mittelstand, Ostwestfalen-Lippe’s industry champions have gathered to co-host the annual Hinterland of Things Conference and shape the digital future.

Hinterland Friends

Remember great memories – they are great, because you share them with your friends. Together with our Hinterland Friends we have created fantastic events and made an impact on the digital transformation of our region. We are happy to have them onboard for the Hinterland of Things Conference, as well.