Our Masterclasses 2020 were up to 40 minute deep dive seminars held by our partners giving you actionable insights, practice-relevant knowledge using concrete cases touching on the latest relevant topics in data, impact & capital etc.

How do you solve a non-transparent problem even before you have identified it?

Collaboration and continuous learning is becoming increasingly important these days. We demonstrate how collaboration and innovative ideas can help you identify problems in advance and improve your business. You’ll experience that digitalization can really make a difference.

The alignment paradox: aligning workers without information overload

Modern work is more technologically driven, complex and interdependent than ever before. Technological development is often touted as the answer for navigating this new world of work. But it’s only part of the solution. As automation rises, the knowledge work that is left requires human skills, such as complex problem-solving, and collaboration. Are you interested to learn more about the key to success in this modern work?
Join Chris for his masterclass where he will share the findings of a new study by market research firm GlobalWebIndex that reveals the importance of alignment, as well as tipps and tricks how organizations have overcome the alignment paradox with Slack.

Digitaler Darwinismus: Nicht die Stärksten überleben, sondern die, die sich am schnellsten anpassen!

Was bedeutet es tatsächlich, die digitale Transformation von innen heraus zu schaffen, Ängste abzubauen und (fast) alle Mitarbeiter mitzunehmen? Die Ausbildung endet nicht mehr mit Schule und Universität – die lebenslange Bildungsvermittlung liegt nicht mehr in der Verantwortung der klassischen Bildungsstätten sondern bei Ihnen. Digitale Weiterbildung ist also wichtiger Wettbewerbsvorteil, um auf Veränderungen schnell reagieren zu können und Talente zu rekrutieren, zu fördern und vor allem zu binden.

Hinterland for future: How to take climate action as an entrepreneur

Bushfires in Australia, young people on the streets fighting for their future, the climate situation as the key topic in Davos … politics has not yet done enough for climate protection, what about the private sector? Entrepreneurial and innovation thinking can turn the tide – this is how companies fight global warming.

How to shape an inspiring vision for your product

In this Masterclass, Kristina Walcker-Mayer, Product Lead at N26, explains how to create and shape a product vision and provide an inspiring direction for teams. Following the path of detecting trends, creating a strong vision to bringing this into action, she shows how to uncover the crucial gaps and problems for customers during product discovery.

Modern Microsoft IoT solutions across Edge and Cloud – building blocks and patterns based on open standards and interoperability principles

Come see the Microsoft IoT portfolio for Edge and Cloud solutions, learning about modern connectivity and deployment patterns. Discover: We will discuss the latest innovations in Microsoft Azure IoT, how we work with the industry, Open Manufacturing learn how to bring cloud intelligence to edge and hybrid environments, and see new approaches to IoT that keep your workloads safe from threats. During this session you will get an overview on the Azure toolset to build and operate seamless, secure, and smart IoT solutions for manufacturing and more.

Salesforce & Gundlach Packaging Group – the ecosystem for successful global market leaders, hidden champions, and startups

We will present an ecosystem of IT, partnerships and tools, which can be leveraged to win new customers worldwide.
Together with Salesforce, Gundlach Packaging Group (based in Bielefeld), will show how digitalization is making all areas of the company more sustainable.
Salesforce, itself an unknown start-up 21 years ago, has put together a comprehensive package for supporting founders and together with its ecosystem, offers more than just a cloud platform with applications for sales, marketing or service. It also offers modules for the easy integration of artificial intelligence, building your own apps or developing groundbreaking applications for the rapid growth of your own business. 

Grow your startup beyond borders

Failing geographical expansion is one of the top reasons why startups fail. While becoming a global exporter might sound like a daunting prospect to you right now, in reality it’s a much easier – and bigger – opportunity than you might imagine.
Today’s consumers are borderless. 2 in 1 digital buyers say they shop cross border. How can you tap that potential? Internationalization is now core competence of the Online Marketing department. With the right digital tools and international marketing strategy, the barriers to global expansion have never been lower.
Learn how to evaluate markets and how the Market Finder tool is suited for executing a market entry strategy. Generate insights about where your customers are and find out how to negotiate barriers to expansion. #GoogleForStartups.

Come and learn about the opportunity of connecting the Intelligent Edge to the Intelligent Cloud

We will discuss the latest innovations in Microsoft Azure IoT, and follow up on Christoph Berlin’s Masterclass by digging deeper into the rich and comprehensive IoT portfolio spanning from Hardware and Sensor on the edge up to business application running in the Intelligent Cloud.


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